Breast reconstruction is routinely offered in the UK to restore symmetry after mastectomy for breast cancer, but not all women want (or are suitable for) a breast reconstruction procedure. Most women, however, wish to be symmetrical and feel 'balanced', either in or out of clothes.

Women requesting contralateral mastectomy as a way of achieving 'flat symmetry' is becoming increasingly common. Contralateral risk-reducing (prophylactic) mastectomy in women without high genetic risk is not recommended in the UK but there are no current guidelines for offering contralateral mastectomy for symmetry. Unit practice varies considerably and patient experiences can be poor.

The FLAME (FLAt symmetry after Mastectomy for brEast cancer) study aims to develop an agreed national pathway for how best to support women who wish to have a contralateral mastectomy for symmetry.

As part of this project, we want to understand how individual breast cancer units currently manage patients requesting contralateral mastectomy for symmetry; what local pathways exist, whether symmetrising mastectomies are funded and how this varies across the UK.

We would be very grateful if you would complete this short survey on behalf of your MDT/breast unit - PLEASE COMPLETE ONE SURVEY PER UNIT

Anyone completing the survey will be named a PUBMED citable collaborator. If you are a trainee completing the survey on behalf of your unit, please identify a supervising consultant or senior Breast Cancer Nurse who will also become a PUBMED citable collaborator.

Thank you in advance of your participation

Kit Fairhurst, Cora Griffin & Shelley Potter

On behalf of the FLAME Study Team 


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