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International Bariatric Surgery Registry project

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) has set up a global registry project to enable monitoring and comparisons of obesity and bariatric surgery on an international level with the aim of improving patient care. Agreed standardised sets of information, also known as ‘core sets', will optimise comparisons. Core sets include the information that should be measured and reported as a minimum in all evaluations of a particular intervention.

We are proposing 3 core sets, each representing a different time point at which information is collected in the registry.

Core set 1 (baseline information) will focus on information that is collected only once before surgery (baseline)

Core set 2 (effectiveness outcomes) will focus on information used to measure the impact or effectiveness of bariatric surgery - measured before and after surgery

Core set 3 will focus on surgical information measured during, around the time of, and/or after surgery, including information about the surgical procedure (Set 3a - surgeons only) and potential complications and side-effects of surgery (Set 3b)

Consensus among expert stakeholders (ie. you) working in the field of bariatric surgery on the minimum core information to measure in each set in the registry, is now needed. This is the first of two surveys where we will ask you to rate which information (data items) you think is critical to be measured and reported in a bariatric surgery registry as part of the core sets.

We will ask you to rate items using a Likert scale of 1-9. A score of 7-9 indicates an item that is of critical importance, 4-6 an item that is important but not critical and 1-3 an item of limited importance. The scores will be analysed and used to develop a second survey where you will see opinions of your peer group and the other stakeholder groups. At the end of the second survey, we plan to hold a consensus meeting where the final core sets will be agreed.

PLEASE NOTE: when rating items, please remember that the core sets represent the minimum that should be included in all bariatric registries internationally to allow comparisons. Development of the core sets will not preclude other information being collected in the registry.

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